RABT Book Tours & PR was started by an avid reader with a genuine love to read. 

RABT was founded in 2012 and over the last 6 years it has grown into a full blown PR Service to help Authors, Publishers, and Publicists take novels to the next level. Having 6 Years in business, we have learned the ins and outs of many facets of not just book publicity, but specifically publicity for eBooks.

We have a genunie love for all writing, because of that, we work in all genres. This is a great way for an author of multiple genres to only have to work with one publicist. 

Everything we do is customizable. We know that every book will have different publicity needs and we are willing to work to make sure your novel is getting exactly the right promotion for it. 

Writing is what you do, promoting is what we do. 


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Book Tour Information

Book Tours, How They Work
Tours must be booked 6 weeks in advanced. 8-weeks notice may be required for the larger tours.

Promo Blitzes must be booked 3 weeks in advanced.

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Upon contact, you will receive an email from us requesting certain materials:

Author Tour/PROMO Request Form
Book Cover/Synopsis
Author Photo/Bio
Once you have filled out and sent us the Request Form and materials, we will create your Tour Page. This will be set up within 48hours and you will receive a link to the Tour Page to make sure all of your information is correct. 
From there we start scheduling. Scheduling varies by each novel. Once the Tour is 1/2 booked, you will be updated with a preliminary schedule. Schedules are always kept up to date on the TOUR PAGES. 
Tours are OVERBOOKED in case of missed posts or last minute changes. You are guaranteed the full tour you pay for! 
Interviews/Guest Posts are handled once the Bloggers have all of their materials. We will send you a list of Guest Post/Interview Dates along with a list of Topics and/or the Interview Questions. This way you will know exactly when you need to have certain posts/interviews back to us. 

We pride ourselves in providing STRESS-FREE tours! You will not need to have any contact with the bloggers. Everything will go through us.

PR Services Information
Do you have a new title coming out in which you want complete PR for from start to finish?

Do you currently have a Blitz or Tour and want further promotion to go hand in hand with them? 

If you answered yes or maybe to any of the above, we wanted to let you know about some options we have that may help you! 

We have a wide variety of complete PR Packages and Services that include things like:
Customized Review Queries with Guaranteed Amazon Reviews
Paid Reader Site Promotions
Press Release Distribution
Full Scale Magazine Ad's with Publishers Weekly 
and More

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PR Services Tab

Virtual Assistant Information
Do you have a specific list of things you need to have done, but not enough time to accomplish them? Let us help you with Virtual Assistant Services starting at $15/hr.
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Virtual Assistant Tab